Water Wells

There are over 15 million homes in America with their own water well. Over half of the nation's drinking water is from municipal and private wells. Some estimates are that 6,000 new wells are completed each week in the US. Virtually all these wells are drilled wells.

South Jersey Well Drilling installs complete systems. We use only high quality components - not the parts you can buy at your local retailer. The difference is that a pumping system installed by South Jersey Well Drilling is dependable, fully guaranteed and installed by our installation and repair staff.

The driller can recommend the best place for a well based on the character of the soil and bedrock and the required distance from other structures and possible sources of contamination. A water well contractor with extensive experience in the area will have records of previously drilled wells. These records provide helpful information on the location, depth, and typical water yields from nearby wells. A well yielding as little as ½ a gallon a minute can still provide 700 gallons a day! More than enough for a family's needs. Home-owners need to know the capacity of their well. Virtually all wells will provide enough water for in-house needs but not all wells can support garden and lawn irrigation systems.

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