Wells are expensive commodities and are generally an asset to the property even if they are not currently in use- as long as they are properly maintained.

If it is decided that a well has no useful purpose or no potential future use, then the well is abandoned and must be properly decommissioned.

Wells that are unused and have been improperly abandoned pose a serious risk to groundwater quality. Because of these risks, abandoned wells must be filled, sealed and plugged according to state regulations. The responsibility for sealing or (decommissioning) an abandoned well lies with the well owner.

Risks of improper well abandonment

Improperly abandoned wells threaten drinking water supplies by providing open conduits into aquifers that have potential to supply drinking water to public or private wells.

If a drinking water well is being replaced because of water quality problems in the original well, the abandoned well is a direct threat to the new water supply if it is not properly sealed.

Improperly abandoned wells can create a liability problem at the time of property resale or if the well causes contamination in neighboring wells.

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